Paint the Basilica

Sat Aug 6th, 2022 12 am to Sun Aug 7th, 2022 12 am
A new, two-day event this year, local artists will flock to the grounds of the Basilica to paint their unique vision(s) of the Shrine. Artist and passers-by are welcome!

“Paint the Basilica” is a two-day (Aug. 6-7), plein-air event that is part of our Father Baker Day Weekend activities.  

Artists can come out, set up space and create their unique vision of OLV Basilica.  While on-site (one or both days), participants also have an opportunity to promote their work.

When completed, all of the artwork from the event will be displayed in the lower level of the Shrine from Sept. 3-20.  

Judging will take place at the art opening on Sept 3 with prizes of $300, $200 & $100.

If you'd like to register to paint, click here.

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