father baker weekend 2022

“Paint the Basilica” is a 2-day (August 6-7) “Plein Air” event. Artists can come out, set up space and create their unique vision of OLV Basilica. Passers-by are encouraged to come out and watch!  For details, or, if you are an artist who wants to register, click here.   Join Buffalo legend Bobby Militello and a churchful of friends for a special concert and Jazz Mass at the Basilica on August 6. A pre-Mass concert will be held at 4 p.m. prior to 4:30 p.m. Jazz Mass. No tickets are required.

Mark Your Calendars!

The beloved "Penny Drop" begins on Aug. 7 prior to 8 a.m. Mass. Families and friends are encouraged to drop off their pennies/loose change on the sidewalk in front of the Shrine's main entrance.  

Nothing goes better with summer than BBQ! This year, the drive-thru will be open on Aug. 7 between 1-5 p.m. (or until we are sold out).  Chicken dinners are just $15 and will be available for pick-up in the parking lot behind the Basilica.

Pre-order & donation information will be available soon!

  Come out for noon Mass on Aug. 7 and pay tribute to the saintly man who started it all, Venerable Nelson Baker. 


Have an OLV and/or Father Baker story, photo or piece of memorabilia? Share them with us and join your memories with those of the many others who have been impacted by our "City of Charity."

Our first-ever "History Harvests" will take place in the lower level of the Basilica one hour before and after the Jazz Mass on 8/6 and one hour before and after Father Baker Day Mass on 8/7. For more information, email us.