Near and around the Basilica’s ambulatory, radiating chapels can be found. Each pays tribute to those who served as inspirations to Father Baker throughout his life’s work in building his “City of Charity.”

They include: St. Patrick, commemorating the original church on the site; St. Vincent de Paul, whose works with the poor and needy inspired Father Baker’s own; the Sacred Heart of Jesus; and St. Joseph.

The St. Patrick altar is composed of two marble columns on either side of a statue of the saint.  On both sides are scenes from two important moments in St. Patrick’s life: Pope Celestine sending him to evangelize Ireland and St. Patrick at Tara.

A mural in this area (shown here) depicts Ireland with a white robe and a blue mantle (the ancient colors of the country) surrounded by a green, white and orange flag.  Above the figure can be found the ancient Celtic cross.  Nearby is written “Hibernia sancta esto perpetua,” or “Ireland will be holy forever.”