Novena of masses for the sick


YOU are a healing presence and the face of God's mercy to those in pain when you reach out ─ to pray for them, listen to them, extend a smile, or go the extra mile to help them!


Your healing touch also extends to the severely disabled children and troubled youth here in Our Lady's Homes.  For your generosity provides physical healing to those in need of medical treatment and therapy, emotional and behavioral healing to those in need of intensive counseling, and comfort and safety to those who are neglected and rejected.


Since prayer is the source of all healing, please join us in our NOVENA FOR HEALING to be held at Our Lady of Victory Basilica from February 3rd and ending on February 11th, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. 


May you and your loved ones be blessed with Jesus' healing graces and peace.

Click below to: submit the names of your friends and loved ones in need of healing so that they can be remembered in all the special Masses and prayers during the Novena and to order your copy of Our Lady of Victory Prayers for Healing.