The Saint John’s Bible is a singular achievement: the complete text of the Bible, written on calfskin vellum using traditional tools and inks. It is the first bible to be created in the manner used during the Middle Ages in centuries.  As a work of sacred art, it ignites the imagination of all those who view its pages. It stands alone.

The Saint John's Bible Exhibit at OLV National Shrine & Basilica

Throughout Advent, what is known as a Heritage Edition of The Saint John's Bible will be on display and available to the public at OLV National Shrine & Basilica. Click here for a full list of events and exhibit times. 

While the original bible can be found in Minnesota, a small number of "traveling" volumes were created so that people from around the world could interact, experience and be inspired. A masterpiece in its own right, the Heritage Edition of The Saint John's Bible is true to the scale, beauty, and artistic intent of the original manuscript. Let these magnificent volumes inspire you and your family.


Get to Know the Saint John's Bible

With its seven volumes, 160 major illuminations, and 1,165 handwritten pages, The Saint John’s Bible is truly a work of biblical proportions. While impressive in its scale, imagination, and stunningly rich detail, its sheer enormity can be imposing; it’s hard to not feel like you’ve missed something.

For this reason, a thoughtful companion document has been created to help guide and contextualize your engagement with this masterwork. The intent of this document is to raise questions, invite thoughtful reflection, and draw attention to specific details, passages, and illuminations that demand extra attention. This helpful guide, however, is just that: a guide. The deeply moving and singular experience of engaging with The Saint John’s Bible should be as intimate and personal as you’d like, and every bit as unique as the book itself.

  >Click here to download a copy of the companion guide